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Patchwork Fabrics: Piecing It Together For Art And Practicality

Patchwork Fabrics: Piecing It Together For Art And Practicality

Going back thousands of years ago in the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations, patchwork fabrics have developed into more than an art today. Patchwork simply means patching or piecing together bits and pieces of cloths to come up with a large material good enough for bedspreads or curtains. Others also use it as the accent of the room by simply hanging it on the wall.

Patchwork and quilting have a converging history but are very distinct from each other. It was used for added protection and comfort under the metal armor in the earlier days. In the 14th century, records show that patchwork fabrics have been used for beddings and clothing. In the 18th century, quilting has been applied to coats and bonnets. Patchworks, on the other hand, can be said to be products of necessity. They say necessity is the mother of invention and patchwork is the product of trying times since it simply means piecing together of smaller scraps of cloth to make a larger material good enough for practical needs. You can make use of smaller scraps of fabrics as well as cut up those which are damaged or torn beyond their original use.

However, it was not until the twentieth century that patchwork and quilting become a hobby and a form of art in America. The techniques have also evolved using more modern methods and a more extensive selection of prints and colors to choose from.

The main category one chooses is the color and everything else follows, like the prints and the shape of the cut outs. Moreover, you are in for some tough time since there are so many colors and prints to choose from. Hence, coming up with the final decision will be very hard indeed. You can choose from floral, batik, Christmas or a classic theme.

But then again, if you have leftover linen or any other fabric form the last pattern you made, you can certainly make use of those odds and bits. You can then make use of your creativity and come up with a design that is so uniquely you. And you?re going to be practical too. By using leftover materials, you won?t need to buy a new kit for your patchwork fabric.

As for the pattern, let your imagination and creativity flow freely. There are so many patterns you can do, such as chessboard, diamond, triangles, and squares of different sizes, the choice is yours. Anything is possible, if you can imagine it then all you have to do is put that abstract idea into something more tangible. Make something that you would like to see and a project you would like to start and, more importantly, complete.

Patchwork and quilting are activities you can do on your own, or if would like to spend time with others with the same interests. There are even clubs and groups solely for people who love quilting. With the power of the internet, individuals who love making patchwork fabrics can get together and enjoy making a quilt as a group or doing each separately.

Patchworking and quilting have gone a long way from what it was centuries ago. It has become one of the most popular past times because it brings together practicality and creativity, one combination which works for a lot of people.

It has been an exciting time for growth and development in patchwork which has now captivated the interest and imaginations of many. They range from hobbyist who loves creativity for its own sake to the artists who make use of all the artistic potentials of patchwork and quilting in creating masterpiece of art.

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