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What Brands of Appliance Are the Most Affordable to Repair

What Brands of Appliance Are the Most Affordable to Repair

Household appliances are present in every home. We all use at least five household appliances that make housekeeping easier. Unfortunately, their unexpected failure can be a serious problem only an appliance repair company can solve. Consequently, the most common question among potential buyers of the next device for the home is “What household appliances are of the highest quality?”. And here, it is very difficult to answer unambiguously.


First of all, study the information about the manufacturer. Well, if it:

  • is world famous;

  • has been on the market for 10 years or more;

  • produces a wide range of home appliances.


The South Korean brand originated in the middle of the last century. And over the years, the company has managed to establish itself as one of the best in the segment. It is this company that buyers, first of all, think about when choosing household appliances for arranging the kitchen space. Therefore, their built-in kitchen appliances are regularly included in the rating of manufacturers.


The product range is as wide as possible. Today, the company produces all household appliances, developing it taking into account the main modern requirements. Many of the latest developments are successfully integrated into the “smart home” system.


The company was founded in the Netherlands in the 90s of the 19th century as a small company for the production of electric incandescent lamps. And after a few decades, it turned into an international concern, known for the quality of its products around the world.


The leading brand from the USA is a corporation, which includes several dozen firms producing household appliances. It allows Whirlpool to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest trends. All the equipment that may be needed for home improvement is produced here. Their technical devices are almost flawless – durable, have a stylish design, are functional, and are equipped with additional options.

BSH Group – Bosch and Siemens

Today, under the BSH brand, a long list of products is produced in different price segments – the consumer can always choose both budget and premium household appliances.

Buyers note that everyone can choose the right option for themselves, which will not disappoint even after 10 years of operation.

Devices to Avoid

Research results warn about the reliability of five product categories in particular: classic coffee makers, espresso grinders, stick vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, and especially electric scooters. For most brands in these five categories, their annual failure rate fluctuates between 5 and 15%. They are risky and environmentally unfriendly purchases that make you a regular client of the appliance repair company.


In addition to these findings, journalists conducted a study on the consumption habits of the customers, conducted by email, in which 10,000 people took part. Notably, 30% of respondents said they do not maintain their appliances, with this figure rising to 38% for washing machines. According to the group, one out of two breakdowns could be avoided with regular maintenance or use in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Consumers are often unaware, for example, that their scooter is not resistant to rain or that their grinder espresso machine needs to be descaled regularly.