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An Ultimate Guide of Fire Pit Styles – bluu.com

An Ultimate Guide of Fire Pit Styles – bluu.com

One thing that many people don’t realize is that fire pits come in numerous different styles and types. As such, with this thought in mind, we strongly recommend that you take steps to consider the different options available to you. You’ll learn more here. Remember: there’s no single style that matches every property, so be sure to consider the following features carefully when deciding. 

Patio Tables with Fire Pit

The most common fire pits are patio tables with a fire pit, such as our stunning 32 inch Bluu Propane fire pit table. Fire pit tables merge a traditional table and a fire pit into one. The fire pit sits on the inside of the table; meanwhile, the edges of the fire pit are bordered by a fully useable table surface, allowing for a truly iconic and unique style.
One of the most notable features of fire pit tables is that they offer a practical solution. Moreover, there’s something quite wonderful about the gentle warmth a fire pit table gives, warming your hands and helping keep the immediate area comfortable.
By contrast, many other fire pit styles are primarily decorative. So, if you’re looking for a practical solution for your patio, a patio table with a fire pit design might be perfect.

Fire Bowls

Another popular style that’s more aesthetically focused is a simple fire bowl. As the name would suggest, a fire bowl is a simple design wherein a fire is lit in the center of a raised bowl, often surrounded by soil to contain the flames. These bowls are sometimes even recessed into the ground.
Fire bowls often come in many different shapes and sizes; while circular bowls are the most common, some fire bowls may feature unique designs, such as triangular or circular shapes. We’ll look at the shape of your chosen patio fire pit a little later on, so stick with us!

Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace could be ideal if you’re looking for a stunning solution to help warm your patio. These are exactly as they sound, but outdoor fireplaces are designed for the garden rather than being installed inside your home. These not only provide a breathtaking backdrop for your patio, but they’re exceptionally effective for warming the space.


A chiminea fire pit is something of a hybrid between an outdoor fireplace and a traditional fire bowl. These front-loading fireplaces are small, in most cases, often measuring no wider than a single patio slab. As such, they’re not as effective for warming an area as a full outdoor fireplace.
Nevertheless, chimineas are stunning and affordable additions to a patio space; their bulbous body and funneled chimney design make them instantly recognizable and hard not to love. They’re also sometimes used for barbecuing small meals and the like, making them practical options to consider. In fact, these unique designs originated in Spain as stoves, so it’s easy to see the practical appeal.


At this point, we have outlined 3 main styles you need to know about buying your dream new patio fire pit.