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Logos Are Essential In Developing A Brand

Logos Are Essential In Developing A Brand

The marketplace would be boring without logos. When it comes to the swoosh and the golden arches logo most people recognize them immediately. Even as early as in our childhood we start recognizing various company logos. As one mother has stated, when her son was only three years old he was able to tell the brand of a truck by the logo on it as it came down the road. Some people even wear clothing with product and company logos, and some furniture and home decor have logos on them to display.

Logos are consider one of the forms of brand recognition, and they’re more than just something used by the country’s huge corporations. By using logos, these small businesses can build the brand recognition with the people in their community and the surrounding areas. Include it in your business signature, on your car, in your phone book ad, in coupons, on business cards, on stationary and in your website’s news section.

Even as utilizing a logo is easy enough, designing one is a whole other ballpark. References on the Internet go into a few simple errors as far as logos are concerned. The first mistake that many people will make is to use clip-art in their logo. Many people can recognize many clip-art pictures and designs when placed in front of us. As a case study, a firm was utilizing what is referred to as a string bean man that they obtained off of a popular clip art database. Such an image will make your organization come across as unprofessional and my reduce your potential customer’s faith and confidence in your product or service.

A second common misstep involves the utilization of a logo with only text. Text only logos also generally lack the visual appeal that makes a logo stay in the minds of a prospective customer. You don’t want them to have to remember too much. Yes, there are some text logos out there that have been quite successful, but they are few and far between.

On the other hand, very intricate designs should also be avoided. Fancy, photographic special effects can make an image look muddy and unappealing when in print. Ensure that your logo appears terrific as a black and white version. Newspapers and telephone books often prefer black and white images. Color logos will be copied and faxed as well, whether you know it or not. The logo has to look good once it has been changed to black and white in a fax machine.

If you can afford it, hiring a professional designer to develop a logo for your company is a good investment. There was a sweepstakes game developed in 2000 that had a graphic designer on the development team who created its logo. The result was a memorable, fun and simple product which the pros indicated in the criteria of producing the logo. It also transferred well into black and white from its original red and green.

That graphic designer was quite an asset to have on the team. Graphic designers are fantastic people to know. But if you don’t, you will have to go looking for one. Designers are not difficult to track down. All you have to do is Google the term ‘logo’, then you will see what I’m talking about.

One columnist from a website suggests that you do not simply choose the first or second companies whose names come up in a search list. His suggestion is to take your time and locate four or five companies that have portfolios you find you like, and that they fall within your price range. You should also take into account how well they work with their customers in cases like refunds, tech support, as well as things like what kind of formats they offer their files, and how much opportunity they give you to revise your logo.

Check out the graphic designers and marketing consultants in your own area. You should always remember that your logo is an investment, just like your website. A bad decision may leave probable clients feeling curious as to whether or not you could have done a better job, which ultimately falls back on your company’s reputation. If you make a good investment which produces a well-designed logo that will be remembered, you’ll be promoting an image of both you and your company that will also be in sync with the company’s mission.

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