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How To Dress That Naked Wall: Top Ten Decorative Wall Accents

How To Dress That Naked Wall: Top Ten Decorative Wall Accents

We all have it. That bare spot. It feels naked, almost vulnerable. It simply must be covered to make a room complete, but with what?

You?ve picked the furniture, the carpets, even the window treatments ? but what to do with that glaring, empty wall space?

Here?s my list of the Top Ten decorative accents for your walls:

  1. Hand-touched Giclee Print on Canvas ? OK, it?s not an original artwork, but it looks pretty darn close and is much more affordable. With the quality of giclee reproduction coupled with the texture of canvas and the added texture provided by hand-embellished oil paint, only you and your wallet will know the difference. With gallery-wrapped options, no frame is needed, and say goodbye to the glare you get from glass-encased prints.
  2. Memo or Chalkboard ? Make that accent functional as well as decorative. For busy families on the go, a message board is an indispensable way to remember those little errands. Choices include magnetic chalkboards with unique magnets, ornate wood or decorative metal framed corkboards with funky pushpins, or memo boards coupled with art prints.
  3. Decorative Ironwork ? A unique wall hanging, it will not compete with colors, patterns and textures in the room like a painting might. Iron finishes can range from rustic and antique to shiny and new, depending on how you want to complement the rest of the elements in the room.
  4. Uniquely framed antique glass mirror ? I love the look of smoky antiqued styles, they are mirrors without being mirrors, if you know what I mean. They add reflected light and help to visually enlarge a room.
  5. Candle Sconce ? Add a little romantic light and instant ambiance without paying an electrician to rewire. Wrap cascading bead garland around the base of your candle to really dress it up.
  6. Wall Planter ? You don?t need a green thumb to bring a ?natural? feel to a room. Some realistic faux trailing ivy or a bunch of artificial hydrangea flowers will do wonders, and only you will know the truth.
  7. Shadow Box Displays ? Show off a few prized possessions or treasured mementos to personalize your d?cor. Use your imagination, and the possibilities are endless. And you can?t be any more unique ? your art will be one of a kind.
  8. Reproduction Antique Clock ? Make a timely statement with an interesting and functional wall clock. Styles reminiscent of vintage establishments and cities around the world suggest they were plucked off the wall of a century-old caf?.
  9. Coat & Hat Hooks ? Face it, coats never make it into the closet when you first get home, so cut to the chase and hang some great hooks so you can at least get them off the backs of your chairs.
  10. Photograph Collection ? My personal favorite, and a guaranteed show stopper. Who can resist stopping to gaze at your best shots? For a really impactful display, unify the group with one consistent element, such as similar frames, the same color mats, the same size or all black and white images.

Each situation is different, so take note of what you already have and how big an area you have to work with while you consider the suggestions above. Although some options are obviously not suited to some rooms, try to visualize the space with one or more accents and run with your favorite choice.

Don?t just leave that empty wall hanging! Dress it stylishly and you will give your room the finished look it deserves, and yourself an elegantly decorated room you can be proud of.

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